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Prime Minister of Australia

The Hon Tony Abbott MP
  • A Message from the Prime Minister - Anzac Day

    This week marks the centenary of the Australian landing at Anzac Cove.

    On that day, some 750 were killed.

    Nearly 9,000 would lose their lives at Gallipoli before the evacuation eight months later.  Over 61,000 would lose their lives during the Great War.

  • No jab - no play and no pay for child care

    The Commonwealth Government will end the conscientious objector exemption on children’s vaccination for access to taxpayer funded Child Care Benefits, the Child Care Rebate and the Family Tax Benefit Part A end of year supplement from 1 January 2016.

  • Richie Benaud OBE

    Today, Australia has lost an icon.

    Richie Benaud OBE was part of all our lives.

    To most Australians Richie Benaud was cricket.  He personified its traditions and its values.

    While many Australians only know Richard Benaud as the voice of cricket, we should not forget that in his day he was a cricketer with few equals.  It was why he was so insightful as a commentator.

  • Australia to contribute to the Building Partner Capacity mission in Iraq

    The Government has confirmed that Australia will commit a military force to the international Building Partner Capacity (BPC) training mission in Iraq.

    The force will involve about 300 ADF personnel, drawn largely from the Army’s 7th Brigade, based in Brisbane. They will work as part of a combined Task Group alongside about 100 personnel from the New Zealand Defence Force.

    The mission of the Australian and New Zealand trainers will be to help the Iraqi Government to prepare sufficient forces to maintain the momentum of the counter-attack against ISIL, or Daesh, and regain control of its territory.

  • Tropical Cyclone Marcia

    Today the Commonwealth Government has announced additional assistance to the communities of Queensland suffering the impacts of Tropical Cyclone Marcia.

    The Disaster Recovery Allowance is now available to eligible employees, primary producers and sole traders in the Fitzroy and Wide Bay-Burnett districts.


  • 26 April 2015 | Speech
    Although we marked one hundred years since the Gallipoli landing yesterday, the centenary of Anzac has not passed. Later this year, we will remember the Battle of Lone Pine and the Gallipoli evacuation, which was the only really successful part of that fraught campaign. Over the next three years, we will remember the achievement of the Australian light horse in Sinai, at Beersheba and in the capture of Jerusalem and Damascus.
  • 26 April 2015 | Media release
    Australians can now see a first glimpse of the Sir John Monash Centre and what to expect when its doors are opened ahead of Anzac Day 2018. The winning design for the Western Front interpretive centre was unveiled today at the Australian National Memorial at Villers-Bretonneux in France at a ceremony where the Mayor of Villers-Bretonneux was also honoured.
  • 25 April 2015 | Speech
    The men whose names are carved into this memorial, were the hope of their day; just as you young people, who are gathered here right now, are the hope of ours. To us, they are Anzacs; but in their day, they were fathers, sons, parents, children, cousins and mates – just as you are now.
  • 25 April 2015 | Speech
    It’s one hundred years since Australians and New Zealanders splashed out of the sea, right here. So now we gather in the cold and dark before dawn; wondering what to say and how to honour those whose bones rest in the hills and the valleys above us, and whose spirit has moved our people for a century. Year after year, we journey to what’s now a peaceful coast to remember things that, normally, we might try to forget.